AOSEPT Contact Lens Multipurpose Solution
(360 ml/box)
Lens disinfectant / storing solution

 is a solution for cleaning, disinfecting and storing all types of soft and gas-permeable contact lenses.
Clinically proven #1 in comfort*, AOSEPT® Plus is a one-bottle, no-rub, hydrogen peroxide-based lens care solution that cleans, disinfects and stores all soft contact lenses (including silicone hydrogel lenses) and rigid gas permeable lenses. AOSEPT® Plus combines the proven power of peroxide with the convenience of a one-bottle system.

AOSEPT® Plus does not contain the added preservatives found in some multi-purpose solutions, which can lead to discomfort. AOSEPT® Plus provides triple-action power:

  • A built-in cleaner
  • Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the lens to provide deep cleaning and disinfection.
  • Mechanical forces caused by the bubbling boost surface protein removal.


  • For all soft and rigid-gas permeable contact lenses.
  • Use daily.

Instruction for use

  • You should wash, rinse and dry your hands well before handling the product.
  • AOSept® Plus should always be used in the provided lens case with built-in neutralizer.
  • Never use AOSept® Plus in a flat lens case or any other casing except Aosept casing with the neutralizing disk at the bottom.
  • Always soak lenses in the provided lens case for at least six hours prior to inserting into the eye.
  • Always discard the old lens case to avoid contamination and ensure proper neutralization.


  • Never put AOSept® Plus directly into the eye.
  • Never rinse lenses with AOSept® Plus prior to insertion into the eye. Solution must be neutralized.
  • Keep the product tightly closed when not in use and avoid all contact between the dropper and any surface to prevent contamination.
  • Use before expiration date. Make sure the seal is not broken before using the product for the first time. Once open, use within 90 days.
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if you experience eye pain, changes in vision, continued redness or irritation of the eye, or if the condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours.
  • Store at temperature below 25°C, in cool, dry places. Avoid prolonged exposure to light.
  • Keep the product out of reach of children.
  • For more information, please read insert manual or visit


Contents: Preservative-free, aqueous solution with hydrogen peroxide 3%, phosphonic acid (stabiliser), sodium chloride, phosphate (buffer system), poloxamer (surfactant).


Manufactured by: ALCON


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Triple pack, Twin pack (+1 travel size), Single bottle

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