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  1. Discover more about Transitions lenses and how they can protect your eyes from the sun
  2. Transitions (photochromic / colour changing lens) demonstration
  3. About Transitions 1-for-1 promotion

Myopia Control Consultation

1.     How myopia can affect your child and his/her future
2.     Risk profile of your child
3.     What are myopia control lenses


Progressive Lens Consultation

1.     Find out about the difference between premium and low-cost progressive lenses
2.     Other multifocal options or lens best suited for your needs
3.    About Merdeka & Senior citizens package


Other Consultations

Let us find and recommend the type of lens best suited for the issue you are facing

1.     EyeZen
2.     Blue-light filter / computer protection
3.     Crizal
4.     Transitions
5.     Customised lenses e.g Nikon SeeMax
6.     Occupational lenses e.g Computer lenses


Consultation services listed are complimentary and there are no charges for appointment bookings.
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