Small: lens width <51mm, bridge <16mm
Medium: lens width ~51 to 54mm, bridge ~16 to 18mm
Broad: lens width ~54 to 56mm, bridge ~16 to 18mm
XL: lens width >57mm, bridge >17mm

*sunglasses tend to be slightly larger

Your prescription

Recommended index

Sphere (D)

Cylinder (DC)

±0.00 to 2.00

< -2.00 1.50

±2.00 to 4.00

< -2.00


±4.00 to 5.00

< -2.00

1.60 / Airwear (Thin)
±5.00 to 8.00

< -2.00

1.67 (Super thin)

Above ± 8.00 < -2.00

1.74 (Ultra thin)

* Actual thickness varies according to various factors such as the type of lens, size of frame, pupillary distance etc


The table below shows the typical stock power range for the different lens indices.
* You will be notified if your prescription is out of the range of your selected lenses.

Index Typical stock power range
Sphere (D) Cylinder (DC)
1.50 / 1.56 +4.00 to -5.00 < -2.00
1.60 / Airwear +4.00 to -8.00 < -2.00
1.67 -2.50 to -10.00 < -2.00
1.74 -3.00 to -12.00 < -2.00

Yes you can. Additional information will be required before we dispense it.
Please provide us your prescription and pupillary distance (if available) in the ‘Checkout’ page under ‘Additional notes’ or e-mail it to us.

Right eye: +/- (degree of hyperopia/myopia)   – (astigmatism, if any)    x   (angle of astigmatism)
Left eye: +/- (degree of hyperopia/myopia)   – (astigmatism, if any)    x   (angle of astigmatism)
PD (pupillary distance): mm

eg 1
R +1.50
L +2.25
PD: 64mm

eg 2
R -5.00 -1.50 x 180
L -4.75 -1.25 x 170
PD: 63mm

Local: You may pre-order your lenses online before dropping by at selected store for your eye check. An accurate eye examination and/or frame fitting is essential for achieving the best satisfaction for your glasses or contact lenses.

If you still wish to order it online, please read the guidelines in the link below and provide us the necessary information.

It is unsafe to purchase contact lenses online nor is it accurate to order your prescription glasses online.
According to the Optometrists and Opticians board guidelines and regulations, a thorough eye examination and/or fitting measurements is required before prescribing these medical devices. As such, we recommend that you drop by our stores to get your prescription.

For pre-orders, please send us an e-mail request and also read the terms and conditions stated below.

A complimentary eye examination in store will be provided for all online and in-store prescription ophthalmic or contact lens purchase.

For local store collection orders, if you are unsure of your prescription/degree or even the suitability of the lenses, please select the most basic option. Our team will advise and recommend the best suited product for you after the examination and you can always top-up the difference if any in store.

Yes, we do. Brands of these types of lenses we offer include Nikon, Essilor (Varilux), Carl Zeiss, Kodak, Hoya and other generic brands.

  • Crizal Sapphire UV etc
  • Computer / Blue light protection lenses
  • Transition (photochromic / color—changing lenses)
  • Progressives / multi-focal
  • Myopia control lenses
  • Tinted / Lenses for driving
  • Digital / Eye relax lenses
  • Nikon SeeMax, Zeiss Individual

However, an accurate eye examination and frame fitting is essential for achieving the best satisfaction for your glasses. Hence, we recommend that you visit our stores to have them prescribed accurately.

We also strongly recommend patients with prescription of above +6.00-6.00 DS (short/long-sightedness) or -2.00 DC (astigmatism) to undergo a thorough eye examination before having their lenses prescribed.

Express service is available at selected stores. It is possible for you to collect your glasses within 30 minutes at these selected stores. Please check our store list for more information.
This service is dependent on stock availability*

Our company has been providing express service for more than 20 years. However, we offer a wide variety of lenses and most of our clients prefer customised premium lenses. As such, the demand for express service which relies on generic stock lenses are inadequate. Thus, we only provide this service at certain outlets. Thank you for your understanding.


Other than prescribing glasses, we also fit permanent and hard (RGP) lenses.
We can even conduct comprehensive vision health examinations and monitoring using high-tech machines such as slit lamp biomicroscopy to check the anterior part of the eye, fundus photography or retinoscopy for the posterior and non-contact tonometry to measure intra-ocular pressure.
Other tests include basic color vision and visual field screening etc.
To make an appointment, please call us at 67852971.
(*Comprehensive examinations by appointment only and are subjected to charges)

For corporate vision health screenings or roadshows, please e-mail us at sales@tampinesoptical.com

Clean with microfibre cloth that is given or Essilor’s high quality woven cleaning cloth.

Avoid using soap whilst cleaning lenses with coating and for certain frame material. Use mild soap such as those meant for babies if necessary. Always wipe dry after washing.

Alternatively, use wet wipes meant for ophthalmic lenses.

Yes, you can. However, as stock availability differs from store to store, stock availability is only guaranteed at selected store to your preference if a pre-order has been made in advance.

For pre-orders, please send us an e-mail and also read the terms and conditions stated below.

Feel free to drop us an e-mail request following the format below;
Product info: (brand/model/color/size etc)

Not all items are listed on site. As such, there may be a possibility that we have the product you are looking for in stock. Otherwise, we will check with our suppliers for stock availability.
Please note that item(s) will only be ordered or made available after payment has been processed. 

We are a registered and trusted company with physical stores throughout the country.
All items listed are authentic and sourced only from local distributors with rights from the original brands. As such, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you are getting originals, not parallel imports, counterfeits or items that have failed quality checks.
Likewise for the contact lenses, this is why you do not have to worry about eye infections and issues caused by counterfeit or mishandled lenses. All contact lenses we offer are sourced only from local distributors and approved by the health authorities.

All prices are in Singapore dollars.

We accept credit card payment secured through Paypal and local bank transfers (including PayNow & PayLah!). Paypal account registration is not required and there are no additional fees.

Our site is SSL certified (indicated on the URL link with ‘https’ and a green lock pad logo beside), this means that your credit card details are protected.

There is no additional tax nor Paypal or other fees imposed on our customers.

However, for international orders, please check with your local customs regarding duties for import/export.


Charges: FREE above $98

1) Local Express (+ registered) $4.50
Estimated delivery time: 3-4 working days*

2) Local Same day delivery* (+ registered) $8.99
Temporary suspension of service until further notice
Term & condition: Order before 3pm (Singapore time) & subject to delivery company availability. 
General delivery time: Same day, before 8pm (Singapore time). Not available on Sundays or Public Holidays.
Order(s) placed after the cut off time will be sent out on the next available delivery.

Please note that the following is an estimated guide. Prescription or back-order items may take up to a week or more and will be sent out on the next available delivery once it is ready. Also, unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances such as delivery company hold-up may result in longer delivery time. Please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@tampinesoptical.com should you have any queries.

Local pick-up is available at any of our stores. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to confirm the preferred pick-up store once payment has been received and acknowledged.

For a list of the stores, please click here.

Temporary suspension of overseas delivery
Due to to COVID-19 situation, most countries are restricting imports at the moment so we will suspend all overseas delivery for the time being.
If your order has been placed either due to system error or you have selected Singapore but input an overseas address, no matter what reason, the order will be on hold until the external delivery company is able to deliver to your country again. Additional shipping charges will be sent separately if there is any shortfall.


Registered Mail / Delivery
Time & Charges: (up to 1kg)




Delivery time
(Working days)


Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia,
South Korea, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand

Free above $200



Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan,
Philippines, Japan, India, China, Austria, Belgium, France, Macau, Germany. Greece, Netherlands,
Spain, United States (USA), Canada

Flat rate $25

Free above $250




Portugal, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Maldives, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sweden, Switzerland

Flat rate $35

Free above $350




Rest of the world
(deliverable zones)

Flat rate $50

Free above $300



Rest of the world
(unlisted zones)

Flat rate $80

Free above $800


If the country you want the item(s) to be shipped to is not available in the checkout list, feel free to e-mail us for your order.

Time may vary due to custom hold-ups or checks. Prescription or back-order may take up an additional 2 to 5 working days or more.

Terms & Conditions

Exchange and warranty terms and conditions applies (read the Exchange & Warranty section for more information).

You can visit any of our stores for servicing which include frame adjustments, replacement of screws or nose pads and warranty. Issues involving exchange and replacement can also be returned to any of our stores but will be sent back and processed by the headquarters. Alternatively, you can post it back directly.

Disclaimer: Actual product such as its colour may differ slightly from picture(s) due to difference in lighting, screen resolution or other factors.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Exchanges will only be considered if item is in its original condition and is up to the company’s discretion.

For items purchased online, issues involving exchange and warranty can be posted back or dropped off at any of our outlets.

Warranty: Varies from product to product. If applicable, warranty period will be listed on product page and/or a warranty card will be sent along with the product.

Warranty covers only manufacturing defects.
Damages resulting from deliberate misuse, negligence, accidents out of the company’s control for example delivery mishap, natural disasters, scratches and wear and tear are not covered. Warranty card and receipt will have to be sent in together with the product. The warranty or exchange can not proceed if either of these are missing. Final decision of the warranty is up to the company or the manufacturer.

Certain parts may not be covered under the warranty.

Product of equivalent value will be given as replacement in the event that the original product is no longer available.

All local orders of products with prescription (i.e ophthalmic and contact lenses) will automatically be treated as pre-orders upon check out and payment. An eye examination will be scheduled and customers will have to drop by at selected stores for the check before the glasses or contact lenses are dispensed.
Only for prescription ophthalmic lenses: it can be processed and shipped to you if the necessary information stated in the products page are provided

For pre-orders, please send us an e-mail to Sales@tampinesoptical.com and also read the terms and conditions stated below.

Frames and sunglasses are subject to availability and may not be available at certain outlets. To avoid such issue, you may wish to pre-order the frame and we will arrange the item to be made available at a specific store of your choice.
For pre-orders, please send us an e-mail and also read the terms and conditions stated below.

All local orders of products with prescription (i.e ophthalmic and contact lenses) will automatically be treated as pre-orders upon check out and payment. An eye examination will be scheduled and customers will have to drop by at selected stores for the check before the glasses or contact lenses are dispensed.
(Only for prescription ophthalmic lenses: it can be processed and shipped to you if the necessary information stated in the products page are provided)

Pre-order time: Item will be made available the next coming Tuesday after payment has been received and acknowledged.

A $10 non-refundable deposit for admin and delivery charges will apply.[This is an extra service request provided by our company for those that wish to view a particular product(s). If full payment has been made online, this charge is excluded.]

The $10 will only offset purchase of pre-ordered product(s). In the event that the final product chosen is not the pre-ordered one, the $10 will not offset the purchase nor refunded.

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    By purchasing contact lenses from us, you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks or possible complications that may arise from contact lens wear. Our company and the associated brands bear no responsibility for any complications or injury caused by misuse, improper or negligent use and all other reasons. The same applies for the solutions and other products listed on our site.
    Please consult us or your eye care professional if you are unsure before purchasing.
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