Aquacomfort Multifocal


All Singapore orders will automatically be treated as pre-order

4 boxes = SAVE 10%
8 boxes = SAVE 20%

  • Contact lenses for presbyopia (老花)
    All distance optics design for clear vision at all distances
  • Blink activated moisture technology
Presbyopia (老花) is a condition associated with aging of the eye that results in progressive worsening ability to focus clearly on close objects. The common symptoms a presbyope experience is difficulty reading small prints (eg handphone messages, newspapers or documents on computers) and eyestrain or headache doing near work.

Modality: Daily

Lenses/box: 30 pieces

Material: Nelfilcon A with HPMC, PEG & PVA

Water content: 69%

Base curve: 8.7mm

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Singapore orders: Please send us your preferred appointment schedule either in the 'Check Out' page under 'Order Notes' or e-mail it to us.
All local orders of products with prescription (i.e ophthalmic and contact lenses) will automatically be treated as pre-orders upon check out and payment. An eye examination will be scheduled and customers will have to drop by at selected stores for the check before the glasses or contact lenses are dispensed.
The local authorities forbid the sale of contact lens online. Refer to the Optometrists and Opticians board guidelines and regulations for more information

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