OXYSEPT Contact Lens Multipurpose Solution (360 ml/box)
Lens disinfectant / storing solution

Oxysept® is a solution for cleaning, disinfecting and storing all types of soft contact lenses.
Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution destroys and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms on the surface of the lenses.
Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablets turn the solution light pink and, in a delayed-release manner, neutralize the Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution after disinfection occurs.



  • For all soft contact lenses.
  • Use daily.

Instruction for use

  • You should always wash your hands with soap and dry with a lint-free towel before handling the product.
  • CLEAN AND RINSE YOUR LENSESRemove and handle one lens at a time. Gently rub each lens with an appropriate daily cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with sterile saline solution. Place the lens in the appropriate basket of the lens holder attached to the cap and close the basket lid. For easy identification, the left lens basket is blue.
  • DISINFECT AND NEUTRALIZE YOUR LENSESFill the Oxysept® Cup to the fill line with Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution. With dry hands, remove one Oxysept®Neutralizing Tablet from the blister card, drop into the solution and immediately place the lens holder containing the lenses into the Oxysept® Cup. Tighten the cap.Gently turn the Oxysept® Cup upside down, then right side up 3 consecutive times to wet the upper surfaces of the cup and the inside of the cap. Make sure that the tablet is in the solution. The Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet will color the solution pink. This is normal and expected. The pink coloration provides an easy visual reminder that you have added your neutralizing tablet. The color does not indicate that your lenses are neutralized or ready to wear. You must still soak your lenses for a minimum of 6 hours after the addition of the Oxysept®Neutralizing Tablet. You will see a few bubbles or some light bubbling. If the tablet immediately begins to bubble vigorously, causing foam to form on the solution surface, the tablet is neutralizing the solution too quickly for disinfection to take place. Discard the solution and tablet, fill the cup with fresh solution, add another tablet and immediately tighten the cap. Allow the lenses to soak for a minimum of 6 hours to overnight.The delayed-release Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet will allow disinfection to occur before it neutralizes the solution. During the neutralization process, the tablet will begin to bubble vigorously and will completely dissolve. If the solution is not pink, you have not added an Oxysept® Neutralizing tablet to the solution. Note: In clinical studies a small percentage of patients reported that their lenses appeared slightly pink. This temporary lens coloration does not damage your lenses, and washes away shortly after lens application.
  • WEARBefore removing lenses from the lens case, turn the lens case upside down, to ensure full neutralization of all residual disinfecting solution in the lens case. Then apply the lenses directly to your eyes. If desired, rinse your lenses with sterile saline solution, before lens application. Do not use Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution (hydrogen peroxide) to rinse your lenses before wearing.If you do not intend to wear your lenses immediately after disinfection/neutralization, you may store them in the unopened Oxysept® Cup. Disinfect and neutralize with fresh solution once a week and before applying the lenses to your eyes.To prevent contamination and to help avoid serious eye injury, always empty and rinse cup with sterile rinsing solution and allow to air-dry. Once a week, while you are wearing your lenses, fill the Oxysept® Cup with fresh Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution (do not add an Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet). Tighten the cap. Turn the cup upside down to allow the solution to cover the inside of the cap and the top part of the cup. Leave the cup in this position until you are ready to remove your lenses from your eyes and disinfect.
  • Always soak lenses in the provided lens case for at least six hours prior to inserting into the eye.
  • Always use the lens case provided in each pack. The Oxysept® Cup is specially designed with a shortened lens holder to allow room for the Oxysept®Neutralizing Tablet at the bottom of the cup. The cap and left lens basket of the Oxysept® Cup are blue for identification of the correct cup. Use only this cup as other lens cases may not allow enough room for the tablet. Replace your Oxysept® Cup every six months or more frequently as recommended by your eye care professional.
  • Always discard the old lens case to avoid contamination and ensure proper neutralization. Lens casing care tips: Wash with warm water or rinse with multipurpose solution and allow it to air dry weekly.



  • Never put multipurpose solution directly into the eye. KEEP Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution (HYDROGEN PEROXIDE) OUT OF THE EYES. The red tip is to remind you not to put this product in your eyes. ALWAYS USE AN Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet WITH Oxysept®Disinfecting Solution TO NEUTRALIZE YOUR LENSES BEFORE APPLYING THEM TO YOUR EYES. If Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution accidentally comes in contact with the eyes, it may cause burning, stinging or redness. Immediately flush your eyes with water and remove the lenses. If burning or irritation continues, seek professional assistance.
  • Do not crush the Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet. If a crack occurs in the coating, the tablet may begin to neutralize the Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution before adequate disinfection occurs.
  • If the blister card appears damaged in any way, DO NOT USE any tablet from that card. Use a tablet from another card to neutralize the peroxide.
  • Use only Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer components; do not substitute.
  • Always ensure that the tablet has fully dissolved and that bubbling has stopped before putting your lenses into your eyes. If the tablet has not dissolved fully, repeat the disinfection and neutralization stages.
  • Do not take tablets internally.
  • Once a week, simply add an Ultrazyme® Enzymatic Cleaner tablet to the Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution at the same time that you add the Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet. You will simultaneously reduce the buildup of protein on your soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses as you disinfect and neutralize them.
  • You should fill your lens case with fresh solution every time you store your lenses and never “top off” or reuse solution. You should discard your solution immediately after your lenses have been removed from the lens case.
  • You should not expose or store your lenses in or rinse your lens case with any water such as tap, bottled, distilled or with any non-sterile solution. Clean, rinse and dry your lens case each time you remove your lenses. In order to permit excess solution to drain, flip your lens case over and allow it to air dry.
  • Keep the product tightly closed when not in use and avoid all contact between the dropper and any surface to prevent contamination.
  • Use before expiration date. Make sure the seal is not broken before using the product for the first time. Once open, use within 90 days.
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if you experience eye pain, changes in vision, continued redness or irritation of the eye, or if the condition worsens or persists for more than 72 hours.
  • Store at temperature below 25°C, in cool, dry places. Avoid prolonged exposure to light.
  • Keep the product out of reach of children.
  • For more information, please read insert manual or visithttps://www.justblink.com/instructions-for-use/oxysept-disinfecting-solution-neutralizer-ultracare-formula


Contents: Sterile solution that contains micro-filtered hydrogen peroxide 3% (stabilized with sodium stannate and sodium nitrate and buffered with phosphates) and purified water.

  • Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablets are smooth, round, pink to grayish purple tablets that contain catalase, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) as color indicator, with buffering and tableting agents.


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