GenTeal Lubricant eye drops (10ml)
For temporary relief of discomfort due to minor irritations of the eye from exposure to wind, sun or other irritants. For use as a protectant against further irritation or relieve dryness of the eye

– Dry eyes
– Suitable for use with contact lenses

Expiry info:
Max 2 years – min 5 months
Usually sent: 1 – 1.5 years before expiry
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know the exact expiry of the current batch
For items with shorter expiry, option will be specified or under a different promotional listing

Instruction for use:
– Wash your hands
– Place one or two drops in each eye (avoid touching eye with dropper tip) and blink several times
– Can be applied onto the lens before insertion
– If a drop misses your eye, try again

– If you use more Genteal eye drops than you should, NO additional undesirable effects are to be expected.
– Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.
– Do not swallow solution
– Use before expiration date. Make sure the seal is not broken before using the product for the first time. Once opened, use the product WITHIN 30 DAYS. (Advisable to write down the open date on the bottle).
– Do not use if solution changes color or becomes cloudy.
– In case of persistent irritation, stop using and consult your eye-care professional.
– Store between 15°C- 30°C room temperature. Avoid prolonged exposure to light.
– If you are taking any medications, as a precaution, consult your doctor before using.
– After use, you may experience a temporary reduction in visual acuity. In this event, do not drive or operate heavy machinery until your vision returns to normal.
– Ask your doctor for advice before taking any medicine
– If you are using other eye drop or eye ointment medicines, leave at least 5 minutes between each medicine. Eye ointments should be administered last
– Keep out of reach of children.

For more information, please read package insert

Contents: Isotonic, aqueous solution with a unique disappearing preservative, containing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose 0.3%, sodium chloride, boric acid, potassium chloride and sodium perborate


Manufactured by: ExcelVision (France)

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