*Available in indices from 1.50 to 1.67
* Available with Transitions Grey, Prevencia coat
*Myopilux MAX only available in Airwear


Myopilux® is the all-in-one, ideal treatment for children’s myopia.

Myopilux® helps to correct myopia, besides controlling its evolution.

In a 2-year study amongst 87 children aged 7 and 13, it was found that Myopilux® spectacle lenses slowed down myopia progression by up to 62%.

Additionally, Myopilux® is also a non-invasive & safe solution that has been designed for myopic children by international experts of myopia. To understand more about myopia control and how Myopilux® work, click here!



Introducing Myopilux®, the specialized prescription lens that helps correct far vision and reduces strain for near vision.

This lens corrects and controls Myopia, all at the same time. It is superior to single vision lenses, which only corrects far vision without helping to reduce strain on near vision.





Give your child a brighter future by controlling myopia today!



Do you know that Singapore is the “Myopia capital of the world”? In a study by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, it was found that 65% of primary school students are myopic.

In an online survey done recently by IPSOS Singapore amongst parents of myopic children aged 7 to 13 years old, it was found that 33% of myopic children actually started wearing glasses before the age of 7, with the youngest having starting wearing it at the age of 3!

Click here to find out more about myopia.



It is important to control the progression of myopia because:

  • Myopia worsens your children’s eyesight
  • Myopia decreases your children’s quality of life
  • Worsening myopia increases the risk of your children suffering severe eye issues in the future, such as glaucoma and retinal detachment


  • Crizal coat provides optimal vision & durable transparency




Find out more about Essilor here


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Myopilux lenses are unique customized lenses that requires additional measurements before it can be dispensed. Please visit our stores if you wish to purchase this.
The Optometrists and Opticians board guidelines and regulations forbids the dispensing of this type of lenses without proper examinations and measurements. Click on the link above for more information.

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