Wedge Classic Ear Hooks


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Wedge Classic Ear Hooks for Glasses
by Beta-Simplicity


Material: Silicone

Suitable for securing:
Sports sunglasses
Reading glasses
Safety glasses

• For athletes or sports use e.g cycling, jogging, water sports
• Recommended for active children

Q. Spectacle temple tips are usually uncomfortable especially at the part where it goes over the spectacle temple. How about Wedge Classic?
A. Not with Wedge Classic. Generic temple tips have thicker sleeve and made of harder silicone or other materials which is uncomfortable. Wedge Classic is made from high quality ultra-soft silicone with thin sleeve. You can hardly feel the sleeve.

Q. Generic temple tips often harden after a few weeks. Will the same happen to Wedge Classic?
A. No. Wedge Classic is made out of high quality silicone which is resistant to high temperature and does not degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Q. Is Wedge Classic safe for daily use?
A. We use food grade silicone, free of any toxic substances which makes it safe for daily use.

Q. I need to wash my spectacles, do I have to remove it?
A. No. Mild soup used for routine spectacle washing have no effect on its material.

Q. Why is my Wedge Classic shifting away from its position after a few weeks of usage?
A. Facial oil can get trapped at the sleeve between the temple tip and the spectacle temple. This has a lubricating effect which may cause any spectacle temple tip to slide. Just push the temple tip aside and clean off the oil and push it back into its desired position.

Recommended to wash after use
Replace if torn or worn out

Details credit: Beta-Simplicity


No warranty or exchange

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