Anti-fog spray for eyewear optical / sunglasses

Help prevent fog build up with Oakley Liquid OO Zero Fog. When applied to the inside surface of an eyewear lens, it helps to improve its fog resistance. Regular application of anti-fog spray can greatly improve the fog resistance of lenses. (Steam tested at 100 degrees)
If eyewear has prescription inserts, they may be prone to fogging due to being close to the eye.

60ml per bottle



  • Any type of glasses even with coating and anti-glare
  • Also ideal for sports glasses and helmet visors


  • Spray the entire front and back side of the lenses from a distance of 4-6inches / 10-15cm to cover the entire surface
  • Rub the lenses with a cloth or paper towel** until completely dry
  • Re-apply as needed to keep fog away.


  • It is recommended to apply the anti-fog solution on eyewear and prescription insert lenses prior to first use.
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners or solvents such as ammonia. These may scratch or weaken the lens. If the lens is scratched or fractured, replace the lens.
  • Do not spray in the eyes or on the skin
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Contains isopropanol, keep away from heat sources. Do not smoke.
  • Do not ingest, inhale or swallow.
  • Do not use on contact lenses
  • Product may not work properly or effectively is the lens surface is damaged.
    Read insert for more information before using

Contents: isopropanol <3%, <5% anionic surfactants, <3% hexylene glykol

Our recommendations / disclaimer**:

  • Clean your eyewear before applying the product
  • Use only soft tissue, do not use rough tissue e.g kitchen towel as it may damage the lens surface
  • Certain cloth/towels may not work well with product as it will absorb the solution instead of applying it on the lens surface. From from our own simple testing, flannel cloths work best with the product.

Please contact Oakley directly for more information if required.

Made in Italy

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