Oakley Leash



Universal eyewear leash that snaps on to the end of your frames to help keep them securely in place.

Tightens and prevents glasses from sliding off
Rubber hook design to secure eyewear to the back of ear
Nylon wire that acts as extra assurance that prevent eyewear from falling off to the ground etc or for hanging eyewear around the neck to free up hands when not in use

• For athletes or sports use e.g cycling, jogging, water sports etc
• Recommended for active children
Suitable for securing:
Sports sunglasses
Reading glasses
Safety glasses

Large size recommended for regular and thicker frame temples sizes and most sunglasses, small for thinner temples
Not ideal for super thin metal frames
Recommended to wash after use
Replace if torn or worn out
Drop some oil or powder onto opening for easier fitting on to the frame temples/leg
Not ideal for daily use to hang reading glass as the length (~50cm) is a little shorter compared to regular hanging strings (average ~67cm)


Disclaimer: Rubber imperfections due to manufacturing limitations may be expected.
This is not a manufacturing defect and will not affect product usage.

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