Kodak Spray


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Kodak spray for cleaning spectacles and sunglasses

Effectively removes contaminants, e.g dust and grease.



Suitable for all types of eyeglass lenses – organic, mineral and plastic, with or without coating eg multicoat, blue-light or Transitions lenses


Digital devices: handphones, laptops, computer screens, iPad, tablets

Camera lenses


Instructions for use:

Clean your lens with microfiber cloth provided in the cleaner kit before application

Shake the bottle

Apply spray on each side of the lens

Gently wipe the surface with microfiber cloth provided


Precaution / Notes:

Do not mix the solution with other chemicals

Brush off or rinse coarse particles e.g sand or chemicals off your lenses with water and wipe dry before applying

Do not use your shirt or rough cloth to wipe the lenses

This product has only been tested on selected ophthalmic lenses and certain surfaces. Product may not work on other untested material or surfaces.

According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with or are adapted to all types of lenses (organic, polycarbonate, mineral and solar) and finishes, including anti-glare and blue light. They are even compatible with touch-screen devices.

Product may not work properly or entirely if there are any substances such as chemicals e.g residual hand soap or particles e.g dirt interfering with it. Also, it may not work on defective lenses e.g scratched lenses or if the coating has peeled/crack.Β The type of cloth used also impacts the effectiveness.

Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

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