Controlled warmth for optimal eyelid care.
EyeHeat portable warm compress (USB) system is an eye mask which provides an easy and convenient way to relieve dryness of the eyes using controlled warmth.

Suitable for dry eyes,
Eye fatigue,
Eye discomfort,
Feeling of something in the eye or when you need to relax your eyes after a long day work or study or driving.


How does it work?
The Meibomian glands secrets oil into the tears. Blockage of the Meibomian glands results insufficient or no oil being secreted into the tears. As a result, the tear film on the surface of the eyes then evaporates too quickly. This is associated with dry eye syndrome. EyeHeat Portable Warm Compress (USB) system helps to unblock the oil glands with gentle heat, allowing the oil glands to function properly again. This helps to relieve the dry eyes that caused by the blockage. Other eye conditions that may benefit from warm heat compress are tired eyes, stye and eye fatigue.

Ergonomic Design
EyeHeat eye pads are designed to fit the shape of the eyes and eyelids with an elastic strap for easy adjustment to various head sizes.

Easy to use
EyeHeat Portable Warm Compress (USB) System maintains a safe and consistent range of heat within 40-50 Celsius. Don’t forget the put the corrugated side of the eye pad on your eyelids.

Safety feature
EyeHeat Portable Warm Compress (USB) System uses internationally recognized carbon fiber heating material with efficient heat conversion rate. The material is soft & light, and also waterproof & tear resistant. It is designed with auto power cut off after every 15 minutes treatment session.

-Outer cover 100% cotton
-Liner 100% polycotton
-Carbon fiber heating group

Size 195*105mm

Weight 77g

Heating temperature 40-45 degree

Running time limit
15min auto cut off

Power supply
5V/2A to 2.4A

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 2 cm

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