Bungee Float Eyewear Retainer
by Beta-Simplicity

Key Features
Floats on and doesn’t absorb water
Prevents glasses / sunglasses from sliding or dropping off
Recommended for sports use or active children
Stretchable to fit different types of eyewear temple sizes
Adjustable tightness, suitable for all ages

• For water sports
• For athletes or sports use e.g cycling, jogging (float removeable)
• Recommended for active children

Slide connector sleeve of bungee over eyewear temple. (Trim to length if necessary.)
For larger temple, insert connector sleeve about 2 cm into the temple tip.
When wearing eyewear, stretch bungee chain and release behind your head.

Technical Details
Connector inner width: 6 mm
Fits temple width 6 mm and more.
Unstretched length: 270 mm
silicone eyewear retainer, no-tail spectacle band

Trimmed length. Minimum: 150 mm

Recommended to wash after use
Replace if torn or worn out

Material: Silicone

Colour: Blue

Details credit: Beta-Simplicity

No warranty or exchange

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