Varilux X series: the progressive lens with an expanded field of near vision


New vision needs for near vision and beyond

Generation X – those who are born between 1965 and 1980 – have very different vision requirements from their elders. They’re no longer reading at one (single) near distance; instead, they use their entire near space to carry out multiple activities with near vision up to arm’s length. The advent of digital tools like computers, tablets and smartphones has radically transformed their near-vision needs. These presbyopes aren’t just reading; they’re also performing multiple tasks at a near-intermediate distance between 40 and 70 cm: they’re working on a computer screen, reviewing documents, typing on a keyboard, watching videos, answering their mobile phone, writing text messages, sharing data with friends and family, etc. Their vision is dynamic and involves numerous distances. They need to be able to shift smoothly from one task to another, without being held back by their vision.

The Varilux® X seriesTM lens has been designed to offer these wearers an extended near vision within arm’s reach that meets their needs more effectively than a conventional progressive lens, Fig 1.


Core technologies of Varilux X series







  1. SYNCHRONEYES technology allows the addition of the lenses to be calculated as a pair, ensuring they take into account the eyes working together as a whole visual system.
    This improves retinal image matching, which means you will experience a better spatial perception and more expansive vision across the entire lens.
  2. NANOPTIX literally re-engineers the lens surface to allow light to pass through each optical element, preventing the unwanted deviation of light that results in ‘swim-effect’ at the edges of the lens.
    This translates to better peripheral vision for the wearers.
  3. XTEND: By targeting the wearer’s acuity value, Xtend technology maintains the highest level of sharpness for each distance and as a result, maximises the overall visual acuity volume.

The result – dramatically reduced head movements. Varilux X series wearers no longer need to find the ‘right angle’ to see sharply.


Crizal Sapphire: Best in class transparency

On top of your usual Crizal coat that provides reflection reduction, scratch, oil, water and dust resistance, and UV protection, the new Crizal Sapphire comes with an additional nano-layer that reduces reflections from multiple angles of light, both on front and back sides.



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• Gen X is a highly active generation, their modern life impacts vision needs.
• Current PALs do not keep up with their new needs in near and intermediate vision.
• In 2017, Varilux® X series™ reinvents near vision, with Xtend™ technology, offering extended vision at arm’s length.
• Wearers can seamlessly capture every detail within arm’s reach, and beyond. No need to hunt for the sweet spot in the lens.
• 95% wearers are satisfied while multi-tasking at arm’s length.


For more information, please click on the following URL:

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