Square Cord Retainer



Square Cord Eyewear Retainer
by Beta-Simplicity

Key Features
Unique Stabiliser design that holds and secures eyewear
Doesn’t absorb water
Doesn’t rust
Doesn’t smell after prolong usage
Doesn’t obstruct headwear

• For athletes or sports use e.g cycling, jogging, water sports
• Recommended for active children

Slip SQUARE cord stabiliser on each eyewear temple.
Stretch SQUARE cord if necessary to put on eyewear.
Adjust the stabiliser till it touches the back of your ear for maximum eyewear stability

Technical Details
Fits temple width 4 to 10 mm
Length: 33 cm
Stretched to 50 cm

Recommended to wash after use
Replace if torn or worn out

Details credit: Beta-Simplicity

No warranty or exchange

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